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Top of the line Canadian fishing camps resorts and lodges in Ontario Canada

Lets Go Fishing lets go fishing in ontario canada fish canadian lakes rivers and streams

lets go fishing in ontario canada fish canadian lakes rivers and streams

lets go fishing in canada fish canadian lakes
Lets Go Fishing

lets go fishing in ontario canada fish canadian lakes rivers and streams

Family Fishing weekend in Ontario
Family Fishing Weekend in Ontario



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lets go fishing in ontario canada fish canadian lakes rivers and streams

Fishing in Kenora Ontario

Lets Go Fishing with Canada Outfitters to northern Ontario Canada.
A Top of the line Canadian Fishing Destination.

Fly-In and Boat-In Fishing Adventures in Northwest Ontario, Canada!

Trophy Fishing for Walleye, Smallmouth Bass, Northern Pike Musky and Lake Trout on wilderness lakes in Northwestern, Ontario, Canada

Have you been thinking how nice it would be to get away for a little fishing and relaxation? Well, we have just a place! From our base in Kenora, Ontario, approximately 130 miles northwest of International Falls, Minnesota, we can fly you to some of the most deluxe, remote outpost cabins in Northwestern, Ontario, accessible only by float plane. We are the only outfitter on all of our fly-in lakes and can give you complete fishing privacy -- NO NEIGHBORS!

Or, for the non-flyer, we have a brand new boat-in outpost right in the middle of the woods... Lake of the Woods, that is! You can have this exclusive private island all to yourself and it is only a half hour's boat ride from our main base in Kenora.

Ontario fishing at it's finest


Boarding in Kenora, we will fly you to one of our secluded lakes that offers excellent fishing for Walleye, Smallmouth Bass, Northern Pike and Lake Trout. Our outposts also have short portages to other lakes as well for you to explore for more fishing action and wilderness scenery... these trophy waters can't be beaten for unlimited fishing opportunities. Due to ongoing conservation practices over the years, our lakes continually produce an abundance of high quality fisheries.

All of our cabins are built with comfort in mind. Each two or three bedroom cabin has tongue and groove pine throughout, fully equipped modern kitchen facilities which include full-size stoves and ovens, refrigerators with freezers, hot and cold running water with hot showers, emergency radio communication, generators, electric and propane lighting, and screened in porches with gas barbeques and propane deep fryers. We also run new Yamaha motors on 16 - foot Lund boats outfitted with raised swivel seats for your fishing comfort.

Although remote, you're not alone. We fly in and check on all of our guests every other day (weather permitting) to ensure all is well and to bring in additional bait or supplies as needed.

This really is a wonderful Canadian fishing holiday whether you're an avid fisherman, or just want to get away and relax for awhile enjoying the great outdoors with family and friends. Please call or E-mail us anytime if you would like additional information or references. We will be happy to answer any of your questions.

This map of our area is 36 kb, whereas this map is 84 kb, but shows a larger area. Click here for a location and road map. Click on any of the following smaller images to link to higher resolution photographs.


WALLEYE LAKE OUTPOSTS, Fertile lake with lots of structure & lots of Walleye!

Two Loon Lodge and Eagle's Nest Lodge (Island Camp)

Fishing for Walleye, Smallmouth Bass, and Northern Pike

Fishing for Walleye, Smallmouth Bass, and Northern Pike You'll have a great experience angling on Walleye Lake. There are three species of game fish including the ever fighting Smallmouth Bass which range from 1 to 5 lbs.. Angling walleye produces on average 1 to 3 lb. with many 4 to 6 lb. fish being caught every season, and limits of 5 to 6 lb. Northern Pike are also common with 10 to 15 lb. lunkers netted regularly. Walleye Lake Eagle's Nest Lodge On top of all this, there is a short portage (4 minute walk) to a boat and motor located on Little Walleye Lake. Little Walleye is just loaded with more of the same fishing action

There are two deluxe 2 bedroom cottages on Walleye Lake. Eagle's Nest Lodge (located on a island) and Two Loon Lodge (located on a remote point surrounded by water). Both cottages are built with comfort in mind, offering carpeted bedrooms, screened-in porches, and full kitchen facilities. Both cabins are equipped with hot and cold running water and hot showers. All boats and motors on Walleye Lake are 16 - foot Lunds outfitted with swivel seats and new Yamaha motors. Two Loon and Eagle's Nest camps are over a mile apart and offer all of our guests the remoteness they are looking for. If you are a small group (2 to 4), we can give you a camp all to yourselves. If you are a large group, we will give you both camps, the entire lake, as we are the only outfitter on Walleye Lake.

NORSE LAKE OUTPOST, A Prime Canadian Fly-in Lake

Wolve's Den (Beautiful, Deluxe Cabin with Panoramic View - Only Cabin on the Lake

Walleye, Northern Pike, Smallmouth Bass

Norse Lake is a prime example of a remote Canadian fly-in wilderness lake. The lake is protected by high picturesque landscape. On the days when a high wind would normally blow your boat off the average lake, Norse stays pretty calm. Excellent sportfishing consists of Walleye, Northern Pike and Smallmouth Bass. Schools of Walleye average 1-3 lbs., with 4-10 lb. trophies caught every season. The lake also sports a healthy population of Northern Pike with trophies reaching up to and over 40 inches every season. Also, there is a good Smallmouth Bass population reaching up to the 5 lb. class. In addition to Norse Lake, we have a portage trail along an unspoiled wilderness rapids leading to Little Norse Lake. Little Norse is teaming with more Walleye, Smallmouth and Northern Pike. All you carry is your fishing pole as we already have the boat and motor waiting for you

The Wolve's Den is a two-bedroom, deluxe cottage located on the west end of Norse Lake. It has complete kitchen facilities with hot and cold running water, hot showers, a cathedral ceiling with skylights in the living area, and a large screened-in porch which leads to a beautiful wraparound deck with a view overlooking the lake for 2 miles. Boats and motors are 16 - foot Lunds with swivel seats and new Yamaha motors. Give us a call for all the details! Minimum group of four.

BROWN BEAR LAKE OUTPOST, Four Species of Fish!

Moose Point Lodge (Only Cabin on the Lake)

Trophy Smallmouth Bass, Northern Pike, Lake Trout, and Walleye

The Brown Bear Lake system is considered to be one of the best fly-in trophy Smallmouth Bass lakes in the area. The Smallmouth in this lake average 2 to 3 pounds. Four pound fish are common, and trophy wall-hangers (5 to 6 lb.) are produced every season. Now you would think that would be enough to keep you busy, but we have got more. Portages! Three of them! The first is a 4 minute walk from Brown Bear Lake to the back waters of Midway Lake where three boats and motors are waiting for you. You carry only your fishing rod, and maybe your shorelunch for the day. By boat, you can travel from Midway Lake West to Midway Lake East through a scenic remote waterway about 5 miles long. Both lakes are full of Smallies and fast action Pike. Many of our guests report moose sightings in this area. Now if you are not too tired, we have another portage (4 minute walk) from Midway Lake to Beauty Lake. Beauty Lake is our fighting Lake Trout destination, along with some more of the nicest Smallmouth bass that you will ever see. Beauty Lake Pike From here we have one more portage for the devoted Walleye Fisherman. The trail is located at the northwest end of Beauty Lake and it is not for the weak-hearted

Moose Point Lodge is a deluxe, 3 - bedroom cottage and has over one thousand square feet of living space, capable of comfortably accommodating large groups; minimum six guests. The camp is located high on a point with a panoramic view, on a quiet bay in the heart of Brown Bear Lake. This camp is private and remote. It has complete kitchen facilities, hot and cold running water, hot showers, and a large screened-in porch overlooking the lake. All boats are 16 -f oot Lunds with swivel seats and new Yamaha motors. This is an excellent camp for large groups with lots of water and excellent angling throughout the season. Minimum group of six.

TREELINED LAKE OUTPOST, Lunker Smallmouth & Northern Pike

"Sam's Pike" Treelined Lake Black Wolf Lodge (On a Point with Sheltered Bay View - Only Cabin on the Lake)

Trophy Smallmouth Bass, Northern Pike

Picture in your mind a cool, gin clear Canadian lake with lots of fighting trophy Smallmouth Bass and Northern Pike and you've got Treelined Lake. The Smallmouth in this lake are averaging 17 - 18 inches (2-3 lbs.) on every catch with 4 - 5 lb. fish (20-22 inches) taken regularly. The Northern Pike are averaging 5 - 7 lbs. on every catch with 15 - 20 lb. lunkers taken every season. This lake is remarkably clear in that you will be able to sight-fish the Smallmouth Bass close to the shoreline. A camera is a must for this outpost as you will witness follow-ups to the boat with 2-3 Bass at any one time. Wildlife is also abundant in this area. It is very possible to see Moose feeding along the shoreline during the twilight hours and nesting Eagles right across the bay from your cabin. And of course, you can always expect to hear the call of the Canadian Loon to break the silence every evening. This is a beautiful, unspoiled adventure that only a Canadian fly-in trip can offer

Black Wolf Lodge, is a deluxe, two-bedroom cabin with cathedral ceiling, skylights, large screened-in porch with wraparound deck, complete kitchen facilities, hot & cold running water and hot showers. This cabin, along with our others, is one of the finest in the area. Minimum group of four

2005 FLY-IN FISHING RATES - All taxes and conservation fishing license included!

All Fly-In fishing rates are quoted and payable in U.S. funds. Sales tax and license are included. Robin Lake Catch & Release GST on accommodation is refundable to non-residents of Canada and will be refunded on your invoice. For each additional day add $75 per person.

MAY OPENER: 4 Days/4 nights, $825.00 per person Be one of the first to open the season. Spring is the time for big Bass, fighting Lake Trout, and early season Walleye. Reduced rate for the month of May

JUNE FISHING: 4 Days/4 nights, $900.00 per person Fishing is at its peak during the month of June. Walleye, Northern Pike and Smallmouth Bass are caught in great numbers at this time of year. Make your reservations early if you plan to fish Canada in the month of June

SUMMER GETAWAY: 5 Days/5 nights, $900.00 per person The Adventure Begins! Indescribable Shorelunch! Our Summer Getaway includes the months of July, August and September. Enjoy a 5 day trip to one of our remote northern lakes. At this time of year you can expect warm days, cool nights, and fishing second to none.

All of Our Fly-In Fishing Packages Include:

  • All air transportation to and from outpost from our seaplane base in Kenora
  • Check flights every other day (weather permitting)
  • Radio communication in all cabins
  • Deluxe two and three bedroom cottages, screened porches with gas barbeques and propane deep fryers
  • Hot and cold running water in cabin, including washrooms with hot showers
  • Modern kitchen facilities (full size stove with oven, refrigerator with freezer)
  • All cooking utensils (dishes, pots & pans, cutlery, etc.)
  • Our cabins are wired for AC electricity and we supply generators at all camps
  • Electric and propane lights in all of our cabins
  • Bunk beds with quality twin mattresses
  • 16' Lund boats with new Yamaha motors
  • Outboard motor fuel and propane Boat cushions, life jackets, lake maps
  • Ice is supplied
  • All taxes and conservation fishing license included
  • Information package/trip planner prior to your trip

What You Should Bring

Warm clothing, raingear, sleeping bag, fishing gear, food, beverage, camera, film, insect repellent, and personal items. Kenora offers two major grocery stores for your convenience. Also, bait and tackle may be purchased locally before your flight

Weight Limits Passenger weight plus 150 lbs. of groceries and gear for each guest.

Reservations A deposit of $250.00 per fisherman is required within 10 days from the time of booking. Deposits are non refundable.

Fly-In Fishing Discounts for Children Wolves' Den on Norse Lake Children under the age of 12 years are half price if each is accompanied by 2 full adult fares.

Conservation fishing license included with all fishing packages!All of our remote lakes are managed with the catch and release method of large breeding fish. Guests may shore lunch smaller fish for meals in camp. Limits of fish cannot be filleted and taken home. This has proven to be a positive approach to the remote fly-in fishing experience and gives you, our guest, the best opportunity to catch a lot of fish including the "big one". Bring the camera and take lots of pictures! By helping to conserve our resources for the future, we can guarantee you an unforgettable Canada fishing adventure!

Boat-in on famous Lake of the Woods!

For the non-flyer .... we have an exclusive boat-in island outpost in the middle of the woods .... Lake of the Woods, that is!

A 12 mile boat ride from Kenora will take you and your friends to our private island on Lake of the Woods (French Narrows area). Eagle Island is located in the heart of some of the best freshwater sport fishing in North America. Lake of the Woods, renowned for "big water and big fish", offers all our guests the opportunity to fish for Walleye, Smallmouth Bass, Crappie, Northern Pike and Musky! Our chalet style cabin will accommodate 4-8 guests and is available for the opening of Walleye season starting May 21 next spring.

Located on a remote 3-acre island, this deluxe cottage has all amenities, including a spacious, modern bathroom, fully-furnished kitchen and comfortable living area with satellite T.V. Eagle Island has 24 hour electricity throughout the camp and dock area and is within cell phone range. There are two bedrooms on the second floor, one of which has its own walk-out lanai overlooking the lake, with a third bedroom located on the main floor. Guests can relax at the end of the day on our large wraparound deck. The deck area is also completely equipped for outside dining and surrounds the cabin on three sides offering panoramic views of the lake from any direction. This is Ontario fishing at it's finest on Lake of the Woods

We are very pleased to offer our guests this exclusive, one of a kind vacation getaway. Eagle Island embodies all that is "lake life" and will be enjoyed by not only the most avid fishermen, but also as a gathering place for family and friends, young and old alike.

Lake of the Woods, Eagle Island Boat-in

Saturday-Saturday (7 nights and 6 full days) All Prices in U.S. Funds

$975.00 per person (all inclusive)

  • Marine Transportation from our base in Kenora to and from Eagle Island
  • Free parking for our guests during their stay
  • Brand new deluxe 3-bedroom Chalet cabin for 6 full days and 7 nights
  • All amenities: 3-piece indoor bathroom, all linens, blankets and towels, completely modern kitchen facilities with 2 refrigerators, satellite T.V., electricity throughout the cabin, large wraparound deck with patio furniture offering spectacular views of Lake of the Woods, and gas barbeque and propane deep fryer for outside dining
  • One 17' Misty River boat for every two adults with new 25 hp Honda motor, pedestal seats, depth finder, trolling motor, life jackets, lake maps
  • Allowance of outboard motor fuel per day
  • Electricity at all docks
  • All Taxes and Conservation fishing license included

Children's Boat-in Rates: Smallmouth Bass Lake of the Woods Boat-in Children under the age of 12 years are half price if each is accompanied by 2 full fares.

Children's Boat-in Rates: Smallmouth Bass Lake of the Woods Boat-in Children under the age of 12 years are half price if each is accompanied by 2 full fares.

Special Note: Full limit fishing licenses are available, but are not included in package rate.

Professional Guiding services are also available with advanced notice


Nothing beats a summer getaway at one of our remote outposts. Problem is, some of you spend the better part of two days or more on the road just getting here and back again.

Problem solved . . . For guests wishing to save travel time, you can now fly directly to Winnipeg, Manitoba or International Falls, Minnesota through Minneapolis daily with the Northwest Airlines. From either airport we are only 2-1/2 hours away. Many of our guests rent a vehicle or use a van service for the last leg of their trip into Kenora. Because all flights to our fly-in outposts are scheduled for 8:00 a.m. daily, guests flying into our area via commericial air carrier or private plane should arrive on the day before their scheduled fly-in outpost trip.

Guests staying at our Eagle Island Boat-in outpost, can be taken to Eagle Island on their scheduled check-in day any time after 2:00 p.m.

For current flight information and any other travel arrangements (hotel, rental car, van service), please call Prelude Travel at 1-800-561-8907 or 1-807-468-1928. Be sure to ask about the special "Fisherman's Fare". Each year Northwest Airlines offers discounted fares to Winnipeg, Manitoba and International Falls, Minnesota from all areas of the U.S. to clients visiting our region for fishing and hunting purposes. These fares, however, are only available through a few specifically authorized travel agencies.

For those who drive, travel to International Falls, Minnesota. Clear customs at Fort Frances, Ontario. Travel Hwy. 71 north 130 miles to Hwy. 17. Left on Hwy. 17 eleven miles to Kenora. Once you have arrived in Kenora, proceed to our seaplane base at the 2nd St. dock. Again, this link shows our location and road map.

If you have any questions or would like to check on available dates for this season, please contact us at your convenience by email, using the adjacent form, or by phone. Your requests will be handled with first priority

Also, if you would like a copy of our color brochure mailed to you or other friends in your group, please email your request with your complete address.

Hope to see you in Canada this season!

We have some of the best fishing here in our Canadian lakes rivers and streams.


Let's Fish Ontario!

Ontario Fishing Regulations

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Fishing Safety Comes First

Make the most of your summer - Lets Go Fishing!

Contact us for your next Canadian fishing vacation.

Rand and Cindy Thomas Canada Outfitters

P.O. Box 572

Kenora, Ontario

Canada P9N 3X5

Phone: 807-548-7654


Visit Our Fishing Site: Canada Outfitters

lets go fishing in ontario canada fish canadian lakes rivers and streams

lets go fishing in ontario canada fish canadian lakes rivers and streams

lets go fishing in ontario canada fish canadian lakes rivers and streams

Lets Go Fishing in Ontario Canada

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lets go fishing in ontario canada fish canadian lakes rivers and streams
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lets go fishing in ontario canada fish canadian lakes rivers and streams
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lets go fishing in ontario canada fish canadian lakes rivers and streams


Every person needs a license to fish in Ontario and money from fishing licenses is used to maintain and enhance this wonderful resource.

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