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Lets Go Fishing lets go fishing in ontario canada fish canadian lakes rivers and streams

lets go fishing in ontario canada fish canadian lakes rivers and streams

lets go fishing in canada fish canadian lakes
Lets Go Fishing

lets go fishing in ontario canada fish canadian lakes rivers and streams

Family Fishing weekend in Ontario
Family Fishing Weekend in Ontario



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lets go fishing in ontario canada fish canadian lakes rivers and streams

Fishing in Ontario

Lets Go Fishing toLecuyer's Lodge in northern Ontario Canada.
A Top of the line Canadian Fishing Destination.

Lake of The Woods Ontario Canada, Canadian Fishing Hunting and Vacation Resorts Lodge. Ontario Fishing, for the finest in walleye, musky, northern pike, bass, crappie and lake trout. Looking for a Canadian Guided Hunt? Trophy White Tail Deer, Moose, Bear. Ontario, Canada's finest Duck and Grouse hunting lodge. Specializing in All Inclusivepackage plans, for Sportsmen, Families and Corporate groups. Outstandingand above average in, accommodations, meals, equipment and service.Canadian Family built, owned and operated in this Beautiful Wildernesssetting since 1946.

Ontario Walleye Fishing Musky Fishing Lake Of The Woods Muskie - Lecuyer's Lodge

Our full time staff of professionals invite you and your group to our facilities. Staff makes any business, and ours make the difference! Let the professional staff members at Lecuyer's Lodge, help in making your next vacation, the best ever! Canadian Fishing on the lake of the woods with our professional guides, you enjoy the finest in walleye, musky, northern pike, bass, crappie and lake trout action. Let our trained, professional hunting guides, take you on a Canadian hunt, of a life time for; trophy white tail deer, moose, bear. Ontario, Canada's finest water fowling for a large verity of ducks and geese. Up land game including grouse and all based out of our great hunting lodge. Specializing in all inclusive package plans, for sportsmen, families and corporate groups. Outstanding accommodations, meals, equipment and service. Family built, owned and operated since 1946. Our staff will help make your trip a most memorable one.

Meet Your Host

Waking up early each morning with a freshly brewed cup of coffee in hand, I watched a pair of loons that frequently feed close to our shore. The tranquillity makes me wonder - is this what it was like over 50 years ago? How did my parents feel on that first morning so many years ago? I will always be grateful for the legacy for which I am now the keeper. Because of that, I dedicate this website to my mother, Mary and to the remembrance of my dad, A.J. (Jim) Lecuyer.

My memories of growing up in the tourist camp are both long hours of hard work, as well a lot of fun! The fishing, hunting and professional guiding I have been able to do have given me hours of pleasure and great memories. A lot of good friendship have developed over the years. My children and I look forward to all of our old friends returning each year. I feel very fortunate to be here and hope some day to be able to have my girls Lea and Amanda assume the responsibilities of running the lodge. Our goals for Tru-Tail Lodge have not changed - we want to make sure your experience at Tru-Tail is one you'll remember for years to come. For this reason, like my parents before, we are constantly updating and expanding our services and facilities for your comfort. We are resolute to provide good service, quality food, good equipment, new motors, clean accommodations, good beds, lots of hot water, trustworthy, reliable and knowledgeable staff, and above all A POSITIVE ATTITUDE. We know that if you are happy, you will refer us to your friends, family and business associates

We've designed this website to tell you a little about Lecuyer's Tru-Tail Lodge, its facilities and its services. We do not intend this to take the place of personal correspondence but rather to provide you with some answers and to prepare you for your trip with us. For more information and reservations, I would be please to talk with you personally.

Our entire staff, is fully trained team of professionals. From our French chef to our dockman. We are very proud of our very low turnover of staff. Unlike 99% of other camps and guide services. Our Pro-Guides are exactly that. Each one serves an apprenticeship under the direction of Dan Lecuyer ("Host, Master Guide, Fishing and Hunting Educator") who's refined skills in both hunting and fishing have set him far ahead of most guides and T.V. want to be's Even after their apprenticeship, their skill are continually refined. So, our guests all have the best. This gives you your best chance, whether it be going after that big one or harvesting your northwoods trophy. It's your vacation, you deserve the knowledge & skilled staff to help insure it be a memorable one.


Meals are mouth watering, healthy served out of one of the cleanest kitchens you'll find in northwestern ontario. Accommodations and meals in the wilderness are just as important in helping you relax and enjoy Canadian Fishing on the lake of the woods. Fish for our walleye, musky, northern pike, bass, crappie and lake trout action. Equally important when you take a Canadian hunt. Trophy white tail deer, moose, bear. Ontario, Canada's finest water fowling for a large variety of ducks and geese. Upland game including grouse, and all based out of our great hunting lodge. After a great day on the lake or in the north woods, good rest and meals are indeed a help. Specializing in all inclusive package plans, for sportsmen, families and corporate groups. Outstanding accommodations, meals, equipment and service. Family built, owned and operated since 1946.

Comfortable Accommodations Your cottage overlooks and is close to the lake and offers you a spectacular sunset each evening. You'll find everything you need, as your cottage comes fully equipped. Each includes a fully equipped kitchen with gas cookstove, oven/broiler, utensils, pots, pans, coffee pot, etc. and outside a bar-b-que grill.

We offer you spacious and immaculate 2, 3, and 4 bedrooms complete with 3 & 4 piece bath. Larger cottages have an additional bathroom. We can sleep you, and up to 11 of your friends in their own beds in the same cottage. With all of the modern conveniences, you'll always have enough hot water no matter how large your group may be. For your comfort, we use Sealy posturepedic, hotel/motel box springs and mattresses. All fresh linens, pillows and blankets are furnished. With any American Plan Package, we supply complimentary beverages in your fridge, coffee in your cabin, fruit bowl. As well, daily maid service and towel change daily.

Finest Northwood Dining

Our main lodge/dining room is aptly named "The Last Cast"! A gathering place for our guests. A portion of the lodge is the first original log building. This served as both office and home for the founders of Lecuyer's. Beautiful handcrafted, it stands as a testament of both the hard work and the quality that in part, has earned Lecuyer's Tru-Tail Lodge an established reputation of hospitality. You'll find many fine exhibits of wildlife mounts, old documents and artifacts from the 30's, 40's and the 50's. A very cozy, warm and friendly place overlooking Sabaskong Bay. It is exclusive to you, our guest, only.

The addition of our new, five star kitchen in '94, rivals gourmet kitchens anywhere! Your meals are prepared by chefs, who create very tasteful and unique northwoods cuisine, using only the finest well hung aged beef, grade A turkeys and chickens and the freshest fruits and vegetables. You'll also enjoy our very own fresh baked breads, buns, pies and a large variety salad bar. Mouth-watering meals to be sure! Quite simply, the finest foods in the northwoods, in both quality and portions.

You can also enjoy your favorite team on our big screen stereo television via satellite. Have a cold glass of cheer and pizza while listening to a tall tale or tell a few tall tales of your own.

Whether it's starting your day off with the Lumberjack Special, eating a whole stuffed chicken dinner for one, or winding down with your friends and a nightcap, The Last Cast is definitely a great place to be ... See you there!


Right from the first moment you set foot on our NEW DOCKS, you'll know there's something great and different in comparison to most other camp docks. Clean, well organized, individual boat slips with ground-fault electric plug-ins. Tru-Trail's FULL TIME DOCK MANAGER and assistant will reflect this as well. Here the coffee is always on. No waiting for gas, bait or ice. No wasting valuable fishing time for service. That could save you half a day of fishing or more on a 6 or 7 day trip.

You'll be glad our equipment is TOP-NOTCH. NEW and late model boats, new 25 hp motors purchased yearly. We use the finest grade of outboard oils, and we only use midgrade or better for our choice of fuels.


Muskie ... Nobody, but NOBODY, can hold a candle to the MUSKIE ACTION on the Lake of the Woods. The guys from far to the north to the guy from the south, east or west. Lake of the Woods hold the largest concentration of both numbers and size.

And you'll be glad to know, it's not a fish of 10, 000 casts on our lake. A true northwoods trophy. We have recorded releases to 57½" long. They must be 48" long to be a legal catch. This assures both good numbers and large fish in our lake. Last year alone we saw over 93 legal caught, of which only 3 were kept. The rest were released by fisherman with a modern day attitude and a better understanding of the fish itself. Just so they could fight again another day. MUSKIES ... all other fish are just bait!

Northern Pike ... Routinely producing both in size and numbers. Great Northern Pike, with the average being in the 5-10 lb. range. True trophies, both taken and released up to 37 lbs. Fish need both the water and forage to become big. They also need the longer growing seasons - a norm on Lake on the Woods. The further north you go, the shorter the growing season. If you are looking for consistent Northern Pike fishing, and a great probability of catching that trophy, come fish with us. We have some real nice fish awaiting you arrival.

Walleye ... World class walleye found in Lake of the Woods More and more anglers are discovering that Lake of the Woods is a great place to fish for walleye. So good, in fact, that two of the premier fishing magazines in the country have written special articles naming this area as a "world-class" fishery.

The 1991 edition of "In-Fisherman's Walleye Guide" highlights this all-star lake as being one of the continent's hottest bites. The article focuses on eight lakes that are becoming renowned for fantastic numbers of good fish couple with excellent numbers of trophies.

Lake of the Woods is the first lake featured in the article. "In-Fisherman's" magazine explains that the resurgence of the walleye population, credited by some of the ban on commercial fishing, "rockets (Lake of the Woods) to a top spot on our number chart."

And the average size of fish in the lake has rocketed also. Since 1984, the average size of walleye taken has risen from one to two pounds. The Ministry of Natural Resources reports that "the number of three to five-pound walleye is on the upswing and that trophies of up to 14 pounds are within reason.

An article also appears in the March edition of "Peterson's Fishing" magazine. In that edition, a special section is given to the sport of walleye fishing with a special article on Lake of the Woods fishing.

In the article, it is mentioned that Lake of the Woods is perhaps the only "world-class" walleye fishing left in the world!

Come and find out for yourself what the pros are talking about!

Slab Crappie ... Excellent for sure! In the spring we catch them in very shallow water. Mid-summer they are suspended. Then in the late summer they start moving to deep holes. Average sizes from ¾ lb. to 1¼ lb., with Crappie up to 2¾ lb. taken each year. In the fall, the schools can be graphed - up to 100 yards long and 20 yards wide. They make for fantastic pan fishing and they are the tastiest treat to eat. Because of our fine structure, we can boast the finest Slab Crappie fishing anywhere.

Lake Trout ... Deep, cold water is what Lake Trout like. Just a 10 minute ride from the lodge, you'll find one of the finest, most beautiful trout lakes you'll ever want to fish.

Though this is the ONLY fish that we can't brag about catching more of and bigger than our friends further north, we do boast action in the 3 - 10 lb. range. Crow Lake is very deep and crystal clear with visibility of 25' or better. It's filled with lots of islands and reefs, although it is not as protected as Lake of the Woods. Best catches are in the early spring and late summer.

Small Mouth and Large Mouth Bass ... Islands, shallow rocky shorelines, weedy back bays and hundreds of reefs. These are what make up our lake. They are also the favorite places for big bass to be. Lake of the Woods just doesn't have bass, it has EXCELLENT BASS'N. OUTSTANDING .. with more structure and cover than anyone could ever fish. Small mouth run in the 2-5 lb. range, with bass caught up to 7 lbs. just last year, very close to the lodge.

Our large mouth bass fishing just keeps getting better as well, ranging from 2-5 lbs. The largest caught this year was 7.9 lbs. Let's see Florida grow them that big with only the same length of growing season we have!

Locating Your Sportsman's Paradise

Flying commercial, takes Northwest Airlines to International Falls, MN or Kenora Ontario, from any point in the U.S.A. Ground transportation will be arranged to the lodge.

Private aircraft can fly direct to Nestor Falls. Wheeled planes can land at the lodge, using our public 3800' hard surface airstrip. Landing and tie down are free to guests. Incoming U.S. planes should phone or file a flight plan to clear Canadian Customs at Fort Frances, Ontario or at another airport of entry. You'll find our airstrip listed as "Nestor Falls Airport" on U.S. and Canadian W.A.C. and V.N.C. air charts.

Driving across the border at Fort France, Ontario or Baudette, MN, head for Highway 71 north to Kenora. We have 3 highway billboards to help guide you in. We are located 1½ miles north of the town of Nestor Falls. Turn left down Sabaskong Bay Road (across from the Sunset Shopping Center). Proceed for 1 mile, watch for our small sign, then turn right onto "Tru-Tail Drive", your home.

We have some of the best fishing here in our Canadian lakes rivers and streams.


Let's Fish Ontario!

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Lecuyers Lodge

Box 55

Nestor Falls, Ontario

Canada P0X 1K0

Phone: (807) 484-2448


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lets go fishing in ontario canada fish canadian lakes rivers and streams

lets go fishing in ontario canada fish canadian lakes rivers and streams

lets go fishing in ontario canada fish canadian lakes rivers and streams

Lets Go Fishing in Ontario Canada

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lets go fishing in ontario canada fish canadian lakes rivers and streams
Fishing Canada

lets go fishing in ontario canada fish canadian lakes rivers and streams
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lets go fishing in ontario canada fish canadian lakes rivers and streams


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