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Top of the line Canadian fishing camps resorts and lodges in Ontario Canada

Lets Go Fishing lets go fishing in ontario canada fish canadian lakes rivers and streams

lets go fishing in ontario canada fish canadian lakes rivers and streams

lets go fishing in canada fish canadian lakes
Lets Go Fishing

lets go fishing in ontario canada fish canadian lakes rivers and streams

Family Fishing weekend in Ontario
Family Fishing Weekend in Ontario



Welcome to

lets go fishing in ontario canada fish canadian lakes rivers and streams

Fishing in Ontario

Lets Go Fishing to northern Ontario Canada.
A Top of the line Canadian Fishing Destination.

We put it on the "Line" for You!

What does it "really" take to make people happy? Ninety-nine percent of people would probably answer "fish" and lots of them! They’re right, but a whole bunch more has to happen before you even get near a boat. There are hundreds of good lakes in Canada but not all of them produce good fishing trips. To start with it takes an outfitter with ATTITUDE. That is the single most important ingredient at any lodge. When it comes to attitude we put it on the "line" for you! Yes--this place and everyone in it has a 4-wheel-drive attitude!

We aren’t afraid of anything, and we don’t care what other ads say - we know that we will do an incomparable job. Starting with “fish finders.” No, not Lowrance or Eagle, or any other name brand, but the best money can buy. They don’t need batteries and they’re not solar powered. They are permanently supercharged! The finest team of guides ever assembled in Northwestern Ontario. That’s right, and these guys aren’t afraid of anything either, any species, any time of the year - they’re fishing machines. You name it we’ll do it - whether it’s Walleye, Northern Pike, Smallmouth Bass, Lake Trout, or Muskie.

But that’s only the start you say. What’s the cabin like, the food, and the equipment? Good questions. We know "most" of the other ads and brochures say "our accommodations, meals and equipment are second to none", yet there MUST be a difference from one place to the next. They all can’t be first class and identical. The price alone would tell you that. So, if they are first class, by who’s standards and who is to be the judge?

Well, we said we aren’t afraid and we are not. You be the judge! Come and see for yourself, or even talk to some of our guests before you come. We will provide you with references. Our cabins are so impeccably clean and well maintained that new guests still ask when they check in if they were just built in the last year. While you’re at it check out the menu on our American Plan page, and if there is anything there that you don’t like, we have a full a la carte menu to choose from. The equipment - new motors every year! Yes, you be the judge - if the cabins or the menu are not exactly as shown in our brochure, or if the motors aren’t new as promised don’t pay! It’s as simple as that.

So by now you must be saying "what about cost?" "If it’s that good it must be expensive - and what is included in the package?" Look for yourself. All of our packages are outlined indicating what is included and everything that is not - no surprises. Oh, by the way, a few things like minnows and licenses are not included. Why, when so many other operators do? Because - if we did, we would have to assume what kind of a license you might buy, how many minnows you might use, etc. The operators that do that, have to pick a safe number and you pay whether you use it or not. We would rather only charge you for what you use. Same with rates in U.S. funds! Why would "Canadian lodges" charge in U.S. funds? For customer convenience maybe? Well, maybe, and then again maybe not. We don’t take a safe guess at the exchange rate. We charge in Canadian funds and show an approximate U.S., but pay you a fair rate of exchange at the time of your trip! This can make a substantial difference when you pay the bill.

So really, are we the cheapest? No! Not a chance. But we are far from the most expensive. We don’t want to give you a cheap trip. Yes, we know there are cheaper trips out there, but that’s exactly what they are - cheap! Not value for your money.

Like we said before, we put it on the line for you, and we don’t mean just the fish. On top of that, remember the most important "cast" of your trip is the cast that will serve you. We're proud to invite you to meet them.


Who is the Anderson's angler? Not every Anderson's angler started out as one. Many of our guests fished for the first time in their lives when they chose their vacation with us. Now these guests have become a familiar part of each season. People we look forward to seeing again year after year. We get such a wonderful combination of groups, and it makes the experience of being in the hospitality industry that much richer.

There's the die-hard fishermen who have been fishing most of their lives and are looking to catch something bigger and better every year. They KNOW the opportunities for that are here as soon as they drop their lines and within minutes the fight is on! They see the quantities and sizes of fish that they have been dreaming of for years. Once they've fished with Anderson's Lodge, the search is over.......they just keep comin' back for more!

We've seen couples fishing together where the wife was quite sure that she would NEVER enjoy a week up in Canada threading hooks through "slimy" minnows----only to find that when its time to go home she doesn't want to! The only consolation is to start planning for the next year's trip.

After a trip up with the "boys", many of our fishermen find that this just might be the one exception to being able to bring the Mrs. along on one of these adventures. Many couples find it the perfect place to spend some quality time together, and talk about finding something BOTH of you can enjoy in retirement! Romantic, exciting, and fulfilling, if you've never tried it, maybe now's the time. Even honeymoon couples have taken advantage of our remote setting to start their lives together, and building memories.

We also enjoy bringing together generation parties of father, son, and grandson, or parents looking to take their families away to a place where the video games are non-existent, the T.V. is forgotten, the cell phone doesn't work, and they can take the time to share who they are with each other. Anderson's Lodge is the kind of place where a family can plan to meet each other each year no matter what their hectic schedules demand from them the rest of the year. At some point there just has to be something for you and your loved ones.......a place where you can relax and focus on what it's really all about.

Many guests are here to mix business with pleasure. Company trips for staff and customer appreciation, or staff incentive programs allow upper management to treat their guests in style. All the worries are taken away as we show your recipients to the kind of service they strive to achieve in their own businesses. A trip with Anderson's Lodge shows you've done your homework and that only the best will do!

As you sit behind your desk, drive through busy traffic, or mow the lawn, your mind will wander to the times you spent out on the water, starting out down the lake in the fresh morning air - air like nothing you've ever breathed before, the feel of the first Walleye strike of the day, seeing the Northern Pike that you fought for 10 minutes finally break the water, the shouts of everyone in the boat as someone fights with the "big one of the day", yells of triumph and excitement as its netted and turns out to be even bigger than the one before. The taste of fresh cleaned fish cooked over an open fire, the feel of the wind on your face, the calls of the loons as you lull off to sleep, and the majestic feeling that encompasses you when you are surrounded by endless miles of untouched forests and open lakes. You find yourself drifting off to memories of nature that for the most part, you only see on T.V. It’s like stepping out of the world you live in and landing in a dream for those precious few days that you've worked so hard to have free to do anything you want. It’s your time, make it last with these wonderful memories and traditions.

The Anderson's angler is everyone and anyone looking for adventure, and fishing action! Treat yourself, bond with your family, spoil your wife, entertain customers and staff, Anderson's Lodge has something for everyone, and diversified vacation packages to suit any Angler's needs. Remote outpost locations to get away from it all in a way that no other vacation experience can, Deluxe American Plan packages that cater to your every need so that you can relax for a change, and fishing action that leaves you zonked out at the end of the day--dreaming of the next day's challenge.

Who is the Anderson's Angler? You ARE!

Call Now Toll-Free 1-800-465-1098 for Priority Reservations or for our Free 24 Page Brochure

Anderson's Lodge Box 1058 Sioux Lookout, Ontario Canada P8T 1B7 Fax: 807-737-1499

We have some of the best fishing here in our Canadian lakes rivers and streams.


Let's Fish Ontario!

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Anderson's Lodge

Box 1058

Sioux Lookout, Ontario

Canada P8T 1B7

Phone: 807-737-1499


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lets go fishing in ontario canada fish canadian lakes rivers and streams

lets go fishing in ontario canada fish canadian lakes rivers and streams

lets go fishing in ontario canada fish canadian lakes rivers and streams

Lets Go Fishing in Ontario Canada

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lets go fishing in ontario canada fish canadian lakes rivers and streams
Fishing Canada

lets go fishing in ontario canada fish canadian lakes rivers and streams
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lets go fishing in ontario canada fish canadian lakes rivers and streams


Every person needs a license to fish in Ontario and money from fishing licenses is used to maintain and enhance this wonderful resource.

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